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Dark and feral songs full of irony and social criticism tell of love, murder and failed politics.

"...This is a brooding, haunting and eclectic masterpiece. Imagine the directorial talents of David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick being sucked into a translation matrix and coming out as music. That is Hackmonocut..." Jammerzine.com

"...Austria’s Hackmonocut is a Bad Seed..." overmental.com 

HOMELAND - new single out now
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THE SUM OF MY PARTS -  album out now
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"...To listen to this track, is to fall into a world of vampiric Gothic Romanticism, and it’s a world I’d willingly surrender my blood to." Issy Marcantonio

next live show:
SA 17.12.2016 @ Gleis 1 - Unterschleißheim DE

...A sultry swampland of immersive melancholy, noir kissed beauty, and bewitching almost sinister drama, The Sum Of My Parts is one of the major surprises that always spring up in a year..." The RingMaster Review

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"...something you should watch out for. Superb post-punk with the inspiration of The Doors, The Velvet Underground and Nick Cave. Dead Born Sister is starting as a ballad that could be in the repertoire of the last named..." Walter Hackleander