Underground von Unten - österreichische Musik gehört gehört! Vol 12
HACKMONOCUT (Dark/Alternative Rock, Oberösterreich) 

Etwas ruhigere Töne schlagen wir mit HACKMONOCUT an, die ebenfalls aus Oberösterreich stammen. Das 2012 gegründete Projekt avancierte 2013 zur vollwertigen Band, als Musiker zur Liveumsetzung gesucht wurden – seit 2014 sind HACKMONOCUT nun auch live zu erleben. Als „Waltz Noir“ bezeichnet Mastermind Hackmonocut himself seine Musik – auf den Hörer warten auf dem aktuellen, 2015 veröffentlichten Album „The Sum Of My Parts“ tief melancholische Songs, die teilweise schon in gar depressive Gefilde abgleiten und sich musikalisch im weitesten Sinne im düsteren Bereich des alternativen Rocks herumtreiben, aber auch so manche Post-Anleihe präsentieren. Blastbeats und Stromgitarrenexzesse darf man entsprechend von den Oberösterreichern nicht erwarten, doch die düster-bedrückende Atmosphäre, die HACKMONOCUT zu kreieren imstande sind, sollte Genrefreunden mit Hang zu Gothic-Anleihen zu gefallen wissen. Die, trotz der Grabesstimmung, abwechslungsreichen Songs wissen sowohl dem scheuklappenlosen Metalhead, als auch Freunden weniger derber Klänge Freude zu bereiten...

by Anthalerero,  2016-08-01

Manchmal können Alben ganz schöne Biester sein. Der Grund: Sie geben sich nicht sofort als das zu erkennen, was sie eigentlich sind. Nämlich amtliche Meisterwerke.  

"The Sum Of My Parts" von der österreichischen Formation Hackmonocut ist solch ein Kandidat. Ein Drittel ihres zweiten Longplayers muss erst durch die Gehörgänge mäandern, bis "Dead Born Sister" das Oberstübchen mit violett-dunklem Licht tapeziert. Dieser stoische Basslauf, die angezerrten Gitarren und dazu der sinistre Gesang: Auch wenn der Bandname eher an frickeligen Elektronik-Sound für Berlin-Hipster und Techno-Yuppies erinnert, praktiziert die Formation um den herrlich hoffnungslos klingenden Sänger Daniel Hackmair einen tonnenschweren Melancholie-Rock, oftmals und gerne im schleppenden Dreivierteltakt gehalten. Zwar lassen "We Better Look Away" und "Used Love" noch ordentlich die Muskeln spielen - sie können aber nicht darüber hinwegtäuschen, dass hier die große Schwermut zum Schwoof einlädt. Hackmonocuts tönernes Vorbild indes ist schnell ausgemacht: "The Ripper (Gimme Back My Love)" könnte ein verschollenes Stück aus Nick Caves "Murder Ballads" sein, und "Love Letter" setzt thematisch auf den gleichnamigen Bad-Seeds-Song, ohne aber dessen Larmoyanz zu adaptieren. Und wie viele weitere Namen fallen als mögliche Referenzpunkte ein: Madrugada, Morphine, ja, gar die Doors könnten da herangezogen werden. Doch jedwede Vergleiche sind nicht tragend genug, um "The Sum Of My Parts" gerecht zu werden. Und wo das Wort nicht mehr ausreicht, beginnt die Magie dieses Albums.

by Daniel Dressler, 2016-01-20

HackMonocut ‘The sum of my parts’ (Independent/USA Import)   

In 2013 the Austrian multi-instrumentalist Hack Monocut released his debut album In the land of basement hobby rooms, which is now followed up by The sum of my parts. Hack is doing everything on his own here and both vocally and musically speaking he reminds me of Tom Waits and Nick Cave. 9 songs are included and if we have a look at some of the tunes, we need to mention We Better Look Away (uptempo rocker, dark and raw, even reminding of INXS), Now (slowtempo midtempo song, even a bit U2, altrock touch), Used Love (raw punky rocker), Dead Born Sister (John Grant even comes to mind here, calmer epic song) and The Ripper (gimme back my love) (The Smiths/Morrisey style, indie laid-back midtempo tune, radio potential, best song with female vocals at the back). Lyrically hack also has something to say, so that combination, with him singing it all very well, this makes the album a recommended one to check out at:    

(Points: 8.0 out of 10)

... this album is in parts many things: filthy, morose, beautiful and - most importantly - exciting. It bounds into life with the garage rock (with a haunting tone) track 'We Better Look Away'. "One by one; can't stop until the last witness is gone" is chilling enough without the backing music.  
The following tracks scream a multitude of emotion, each as efficaciously as the other. Hackmonocut's voice on 'Now' is so perfectly desperate sounding, which then turns slightly more aggressive (but still achingly desperate; despondently so) on follow up 'Used Love'. One of the lead singles - 'The Ripper' - drips with melancholy and introduces strings to the fray ... read more 

by Jake Collins, Posted by When The Horn Blows (2015-09-30)

"As we listen to this track the world changes from sharp colour to blurred shades of sepia and grey. Taking the pretend new wave of White Wedding and twisting it in something darker, pushing it off MTV and into a dark nightclub, where the hustlers and the dreamers slow dance to corrupted waltz tunes. Interpol would be impressed, though this is not New York, but old Europe flirting with new sounds. For those who crave a touch of gothic in their Rock n Roll, this stays utterly modern at the same time." 

by The NBTMusicRadio Reviews (2015-09-23)

"...A sultry swampland of immersive melancholy, noir kissed beauty, and bewitching almost sinister drama, The Sum Of My Parts is one of the major surprises that always spring up in a year. To fans of Austrian musician Hackmonocut, album and sound is probably an evolution to an already recognised alchemy from the artist but to newcomers, as us, the release is a spellbinding and mouth-watering surprise from the shadows, one of the essential adventures of 2015. .."  read more

by The RingMaster Review (2015-08-14)

"Austria’s Hackmonocut is a Bad Seed. Combining the gnashed angst of The Birthday Party with the deformed calculations of Big Black and Killing Joke, Hackmonocut’s new record, The Sum of My Parts, gnaws at you, festering, and infected like an open wound. Consisting of nine songs about murder and love (the only subjects worth writing about anymore), Parts oozes filth and disgust, and like a wound, it requires your attention. Ignoring it because it’s ugly will only make it worse. This is Austrian musician’s second critically adored effort of unfriendly and uncompromising “alternative rock noir”. Like I said, it’s got a strong Nick Cave vibe at it’s core, but fans of Nine Inch Nails or even Tool would probably dig the darkness he’s offering. You need to listen to this crazy, Nick Cave sounding lunatic and his trashy, trodden, devil music"

by Jack, (2015-07-19)

"I love this, really dark and menacing, the full length version is especially good, could imagine a really gory video to this! Does remind me slightly of “Inside” by Stiltskin, I think it’s just some of the chord sequences. Another great band you’ve introduced me to"
Chris Straw, Bauer Media,  2015-07-19  (Dead Born Sister)

"This is a brooding, haunting and eclectic masterpiece. Imagine the directorial talents of David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick being sucked into a translation matrix and coming out as music. That is Hackmonocut." (2015-07-01)

“The Sum Of My Parts by Hackmonocut is a sensational album from this Linz Austria powerhouse of a talent. We liked “Dead Born Sister” “Scarlet” “The Ripper” and “We Better Look Away” which were all perfectly delivered by a unique voice hinting of the best from Jim Morrison and Billy Idol. All tracks are pure pleasures to listen to. Fantastic musical talent is an understated definition for Hackmonocut. We highly recommend this new album and artist.”   - (Jun 27, 2015)

"The Two Faces Of Austrian Music: The Dark One 

Thinking about new Austrian music I chimed in electronic music. Most of it very good and was featured during the last months. But is there a scene of classic rock music coined with guitar, bass and drums? If I listen to Hackmonocut I have to say yes! He is an Austrian artist located in Linz, started his career in 2012 and he describes his music as Alternative Rock-Noir songs; full of irony and social criticism.    

And indeed, it's something you should watch out for. Superb post-punk with the inspiration of The Doors, The Velvet Underground and Nick Cave. Dead Born Sister is starting as a ballad that could be in the repertoire of the last named. At the end the guitars take over control to the great finish. Their sound is mostly dark and grundgy but they create a great atmosphere of intention.   

All in all Hackmonocut is a band I would follow their upcoming outputs. "
21. Juni 2015, by Walter Hackleander

Track Review: Dead Born Little Sister // Hackmonocut 

‘Dead Born Little Sister’ is the prelude from Austrian singer, Hackmonocut, to his second album The Sum of My Parts, set for release this summer. Set to be even darker than In the Land of the Basement Hobby Rooms, his previous record, this latest track features the same signature distorted guitars and Hackmonocut’s recognisable melancholic drawl as the latter. 

‘Dead Born Little Sister’ is a macabre tale of darkness that carries with it a lineage of the likes of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in Hackmonocut’s sultry and deep vocal style. Self-described as a creating ‘dark and feral’, ‘alternative rock noir’ music, this song certainly does not deviate from the style he has spent the past year cultivating during his live shows in Austria. To listen to this track, is to fall into a world of vampiric Gothic Romanticism, and it’s a world I’d willingly surrender my blood to. 

To find out more about Hackmonocut, you can check out his Twitter and Facebook. 

Posted on April 28, 2015 by Issy Marcantonio in Discover, Music, Track Reviews


"Hackmonocut has a really unique sound. It’s almost trance-like, but it has a hint of grunge. I guess that’s because his voice reminds me a lot of that Kurt Cobain-esque grunge vocal sound. I can say that this band’s music isn’t for everyone (it’s a bit of an acquired taste), but I encourage everyone to at least give them a listen. They just might grow on you :) So, as always, go check out hackmonocut and let them know who sent you! 

For Fans Of: Nine Inch Nails, Sex Bob Omb (not a real band, but go check them out too), Tool"

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In Get to Know, News by PTM June 5, 2015 

Hackmonocut is an Austrian artist that officially started his music career in 2012. His songs are described as Alternative Rock-Noir songs; full of irony and social criticism; and part of them focus in failed politics. 

After a long year of songwriting hard work and recording on his own home,  Hackmonocut released his debut album “In The Land Of Basement Hooby Rooms,” with 11 tracks included.  When he was filming his video for “Virgin Suicide Bomber,” he finished putting a band together with Mar tin as the guitarist, Mr. Whoolph on the strings, Gleen as the bass player, Phil as the drummer and of, course, Hackmonocut on vocals and front man. 

The live shows of this band became rare and exclusive, performing an intense lineup which provokes their audience to lose their head and dance with the dark soul of Hackmonocut’s alternative rock noir.  After all this achievements Hackmonocuts finished recording his 2nd album “The Sum Of My Parts.” An interesting twist happened in this album, the band stopped writing about politics and leaned more towards love and murder. The change is definitely noticeable when you listen to the entire material of the band. 

Down below you can listen to their latest single, “Dead Born Sister.” The song is something new and fresh. Don’t  let the name mislead you, we really think you will like it. The intro of this song is extremely friendly and the intensity increases gradually throughout the song. 

You can also find his contact info at the bottom of this page. We are glad Hackmonocut sent us his work because this is for sure a band we are going to keep a track on. 

Hackmonocut – “Dead Born Sister”
by PTM


'Dead Born Sister'  - Single out now! 

"Prelude from Austrian singer, Hackmonocut, to his second album 'The Sum of My Parts', set for release this Summer. 

2 years after his debut-album 'In The Land Of Basement Hobby Rooms'  Hackmonocut is going to release his 2nd album'The Sum Of My Parts' on August 15th. The tracks on the new album focus more on love and murder than on politics, which makes the new album sound a little less raging but overall darker than 'In The Land Of Basement Hobby Rooms'. Sometimes you can even hear a little waltz noir in 3-quarter-time among uncompromising dark alternative rock noir songs. Watch the video album teaser to 'used love' to get a preview of what else is to come"

"superb alternative post/punk band. Sounding a lot like the Doors crossed with Him, these guys are awesome in every way. Not only do they captivate your imagination with there hypnotic tunes, but they also pull you in to there true to life hard hitting lyrics. Vocally superb, Lyrically supreme and the music is to die for. All in all a must have for any collection, they are truly a modern day icon to the good old days."
Rock Bandom, BY SCOTTY-D · MAY 12, 2015 

"The first track on Hackmonocut's ReverbNation page has two things that jump out at me: the minor-key guitar work, and the slightest hint of Jim Morrison."  KOVL music blog

“The creepy 'Virgin Suicide Bomber' by Austria's @hackmonocut - Shades of Lou Reed & Tom Waits over winding guitars.” 
Yonefa Music - Yonefa Music

"mit HACK MONOCUT hatten wir eine Truppe des etwas älteren Semesters am Start, jedoch wurde die Band erst 2012 als Solo-Projekt gegründet und entwickelte sich schnell zur Band. Der düstere, teils grundge´ige Sound hätte vielleicht etwas mehr Abwechslung vertragen, aber an Intensität und Atmosphäre fehlte es den düsteren Kompositionen definitiv nicht. Und so schafften auch HACK MONOCUT das Publikum von sich zu überzeugen und in die nächste Runde einzuziehen” -

“Music with a mission! Great drums exploding in the back. Cool electric guitars and other sounds. Voice reminds me of Jim Morrison. I like the intensity of the instruments. Great rock n roll sound. High energy song that would generate appreciation of the music and resulting dance moves.” anonymous listener